Lemon Chicken Soup - Immune-Boosting Recipe

Dec 25, 2017


Welcome to Cell-U-Rite Naturals USA, your go-to source for all-natural, high-quality food and supplements. In this article, we are excited to share with you a recipe for our immune-boosting Lemon Chicken Soup. This hearty and nutritious soup is packed with fresh lemon, ginger, and chicken, making it the perfect dish to keep you healthy during the colder months. Let's dive right in!

The Benefits of Lemon and Ginger

Lemons and ginger are both renowned for their powerful health benefits. Lemons are rich in vitamin C, which can help support a strong immune system. They are also packed with antioxidants that can help protect your body against harmful free radicals. Ginger, on the other hand, has long been used for its anti-inflammatory and digestive properties. Combining these two ingredients in a delicious soup is a great way to reap their benefits and give your immune system a boost.


  • 2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
  • 4 cups of low-sodium chicken broth
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 onion, diced
  • 3 cloves of garlic, minced
  • 1 tablespoon grated fresh ginger
  • 2 carrots, sliced
  • 2 celery stalks, sliced
  • Juice of 2 lemons
  • Zest of 1 lemon
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Fresh parsley for garnish


1. In a large pot, heat the olive oil over medium heat. Add the diced onion, minced garlic, and grated ginger. Cook until the onion is translucent and fragrant.

2. Push the onion mixture to one side of the pot and add the chicken breasts. Cook until browned on both sides.

3. Pour in the chicken broth and bring to a boil. Reduce heat and let simmer for about 15 minutes, or until the chicken is cooked through.

4. Remove the chicken breasts from the pot and shred them using two forks.

5. Return the shredded chicken to the pot and add the sliced carrots and celery. Let simmer for another 10 minutes, or until the vegetables are tender.

6. Stir in the lemon juice and zest. Season with salt and pepper to taste.

7. Serve hot, garnished with fresh parsley.

Health Benefits and Variations

This Lemon Chicken Soup is not only delicious but also packed with nutrients that can help support your immune system. The vitamin C from the lemons, combined with the anti-inflammatory properties of ginger, can give your body the extra boost it needs to stay healthy.

Feel free to customize this recipe to suit your taste preferences. You can add additional vegetables like spinach or kale for extra nutritional value. If you prefer a spicier soup, you can also add a pinch of cayenne pepper or crushed red pepper flakes.


Thank you for visiting Cell-U-Rite Naturals USA and trying out our immune-boosting Lemon Chicken Soup recipe. We hope you enjoy making and savoring this delicious soup, packed with the goodness of fresh lemon and ginger. Stay healthy and nourished with our range of all-natural food and supplements.

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